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  • Karthik Mohan

What if I told you "genuine leather" is the lowest quality leather?

Updated: Jan 3

Are you a FBA or private label seller thinking about procuring and selling leather goods? You need to know what is a genuine leather.

The hide (a.k.a tanned animal skin) consists of varying levels of leather grains. These leather grains affects the look, quality and feel of leather.

Full-grain leather is the top quality leather and the most natural. It is so much natural that, full-grain leather develops its own protective layer known as patina. Full grain leather is the most beautiful, luxurious, and long-lasting. With its natural markings and imperfections, full grain leather is weatherproof, damage-resistant, best suited for footwear, furniture, and brief-cases. Top-grain leather comes from the upper layer of the hide but split from the highest level. It is slightly cheaper than full-grain. Top grain is durable and can be used to make leather jackets, boots, and luggage.

Genuine leather is the split leather taken from varying levels of the hide. It may originate from top-grain, or lower suede sections or even somewhere in between. It is great for low budget, temporary purchases such as a belt, wallet or a purse for a season. A season is exactly how long genuine leather will last

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